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The Swedish in North America

Year What
1637 Swedish expedition to North America. They arrived in Delaware Bay.
1638 The settlement was founded on Mars 29. The Swedish occupied a small territory along the Delaware River. Previously, this region had been explored and claimed for New Netherland. Therefore, the Swedish settlement was an invasion.
Fort Christina (today's Wilmington, Delaware) was build.
Peter Minuit, former Director of the Dutch West India Company became the first governor of Nya Sverige (New Sweden) for about 3 month (Machr 29, 1638 to June 15, 1638).
Mans Nilsson Kling became new governor (June 15, 1638 to April 1640).
1640 Peter Hollander Ridder became governor (April 1640 to February 1643).
1643 Finland (Chamassungh) today's Trainer, Pennsylvania,
Printztorp (Chester, Pennsylvania) and
Tequirassy (Eddystone, Pennsylvania) were founded
Johan Björnsson Printz became governor (February 1643 to October 1653).
1644 Kingsessing (Nya Vasa) was founded. It's now Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
About totally 600 settlers (Swedes and Finns) arrived in the past 17 years.
1645 Mölndal (today's Yeadon, Pennsylvania) was founded
1647 Fort New Korsholm (today's Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and
Rorne (Aronameck) its now Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were founded.
1653 Johan Papegoya became governor (1653 to 1654).
1654 Johan Classon Rising became governor (May 1654 to September 1655).
Dutch Fort Casimir was conquered by New Sweden and renamed to Fort Trinity or Trefaldighet (today's New Castle, Delaware).
Ammansland (Darby, Pennslyvania was founded).
1655 The Swedish surrendered when Peter Stuyvesant (governor of New Netherland) tock Fort Trinity and Fort Christina. New Sweden became a part of New Netherland.