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The Spanish in North America, timetable

Year What
1513 Juan Ponce de Leon explored the coastal regions and a parts of the interior of Florida
1514 Juan Ponce de Leon was autzorized to colonize Florida
1519 Texas was claimed for Spain by Alonso Alvarz de Pineda
1520 The Spanish recognized that Florida belongs to the continent. They explored the northern coast of the Gulf arriving at Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and went more north until the Carolinas
1539 Hernando de Soto explored the now Southeast of the United States
1541 Coronados exploration
Juan Rodriguez de Cabrillo arrived at present San Diego, California Hernando de Soto discovered the Mississippi River
1564 Spanish missionaries goes to California
1564 Saint Augustine, Florida was founded. This was the first settlement in North America and remaind Spanish until 1819
1573 The Franciscan established missions in Florida
1592 Juan de Fuca arrived at the current state of Washington
1610 Santa Fe, New Mexico was founded
1680 Pueblo Indian rebellion which forced the Spaniards out of northern New Mexico
1690 San Francisco de los Tejas was founded as first permanent Spanish settlement in Texas
1691 Texas became a separate Spanish province. The fist governor was Don Domingo de Taran
1693 The province Texas was abandonent because of fear of Indian uprisings
1716 The Spaniards reoccupied Texas
1718 San Antonia, Texas was founded
1738 In Fort Mose, Florida the first free black community was extablished
1760 Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon obtained 975,000 acres of land in Texas. In later days his ranch became the King Ranch (biggest ranch in the U.S.)
1769 Mission San Diego de Alcala and San Francisco (September 17) were founded
1770 Mission San Carlos de Monterey (CA) was founded
1771 Missions San Antonio de Padua and San Gabriel Arcangel (CA) were founded
1772 Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa (CA) was founded
1774 The first overland route to California was found by Franciscan missionary Pedro de Garces
1776 Missions San Francisco de Asis and San Juan Capistrano (CA) were founded
1777 Mission Santa Clara de Asis (CA) was founded
1782 Mission San Buenaventura (CA) was founded
1786 Mission Santa Barbara (CA) was founded
1787 Mission La Purisma Concepcion (CA) was founded
1791 Mission Santa Cruz (CA) was founded
1797 Missions San Jose de Guadalupe, San Juan Bautista and San Miguel Arcangel (CA) were founded
1798 Mission San Luis Rey (CA) was founded
1803 Napoleon Bonaparte acuires from Spain the Louisiana Territory
1804 Mission Santa Ines (CS) was founded
1817 Mission San Rafael Arcangel (CS) was founded
1820 Stephen Long leads a revolt against the Spanish in Texas. Mexico became independent from Spain. At this time California, southern Arizona , south Texas, southern Colorado and most of New Mexico belonged to Mexico
1821 Florida was purchased by the U.S. for $5 million
1823 Mission San Francisco Solano (CA) was founded


Year What
1824 Thousands of Anglo immigrants enters east Texas
1836 Texans resist Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Defeat of the Texans at Alamo. Six weeks later Anglo-Texan forces defeat the Mexican forces and Texas became independent of Mexico. The Republic of Texas was established
1846 California, most of Arizona, most of New Mexico, parts of Colorado, Utah and Nevada were ceded by the Mexicans to the U.S.