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The Russians arrived in America

Year What
1742 Russian hunters (promysloviki) crossed the Bering sea. Emel'ian Basov and his crew spent 1742 - 1743 on Bering Island.
1745 Mikhail Nevodchikov reached Attu (Aleutian islands). He was the first to hunt on lands which later become part of the United States.
1784 A permanent settlement was build on Kodiak Island by Gregor Shelikov.
1799 Gregor Shelikov created and directed the Russian-American Company. The Tsar gave a complete monopoly over all Russian activities in North America to that company.
1806 An own flag was granted to the Russian-American Company.
The first russian ship passed the Golden Gate.
1812 Ivan Kuskov build Fort Rossiya for Russia of Fort Ross. Two blockhouses were surrounded by a wooden palisade, secured by cannons. In later days a village of about 60 or 70 buildings was errected outside of the palisade. Even some women lived there.
1824 A chapel was added
1841 John Sutter aquired Fort Ross. Earlier the Russians tried to sell it to the Mexicans. They left the site in the same year. The arms and other valuables were transported to Fort Sutter in the Sacramento Valley.
1867 Alaska was purchased from Russia by the U.S. for $ 7,200,000 and formally transferred on October 18.

What happened with Ford Ross

Year What
1873 George W. Call acquired Fort Ross
1903 The site was purchased by the California Historical Landmarks COmmittee.
1906 The State of California got the site for preservation and restoration as a state historic monument.