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The Germans discovered America

Year What
1000 Tyrker (also named Tyrkir) a German who lived with Leif Ericson (Eric the Red) and his father for a long time. Went with Leif to America and, Saga's sais, was giving Vinland its name. Tyrker is believed a priest. Tyrkir is probably the nordic form of Dietrich or in short Dirk which is Thirk in old nether german.

1528 The Welser Company in Venezuela. Charles V was in constant need of funds and was borrowing of the Augsburg merchants Welser. This house had branches in Spain. In 1528 Spain agreed to Heinrich Ehinger and Hieronymus Sailer the right to explore exclusively a region along the coast of Venezuela from Cape Maracapana to Cape de la Vela. Furthermore, it was agreed that 50 German miners were allowed into the colony.

1530 Heinrich and Georg Ehinger withdrew from the compnay and asked that their rights were transferred to Anton and Bartholomaus Welser. The document was finally signed on February 15, 1531. Ambrosius Ehinger still continued to be governor.

1556 The Welser engagement enden in 1556 by decision of the Council of the Indies.