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The Dutch in North America

Year What
1609 Henry Hudson was engaged by the Dutch East India Company to find a Northeast route to Asia. He arrived at the today Hudson River and claimed the region for the Dutch.
1611 Arnout Vogels, probably the first Dutch trader explored the Hudson Bay.
1614 Fort Nassau (today Albany, New York), a Dutch frading post was established.
Merchants of Amsterdan and Hoorn formed the New Netherland Company on October 11.
1624 March 29, first European settlements in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania build by the Dutch. This was the Dutch colony Nieuw Nederlandt.
1626 Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan from the Indians for some 60 guilders worth of trinkets. The construction of Fort New Amsterdam began under the company engineer Cryn Fredericks.
1830 The population of New Netherland was about 300 with many Walloons (french language)
1648 Construction of Fort Beversrede on the Schuylkill River (at Philadelphia)
1651 Construction of Fort Casimir (at Newcastle, Delaware)
1652 - 1654 First Dutch-British war.
1655 The Dutch runed Sweden away from their American territories and occupied the Swedish Fort Christina (now Wilmington).
Between 2000 and 3500 persons lived in New Netherland.
1662 Alliance with the French against the British.
1664 The British captured New Amsterdam and the Dutch colony.
About 9000 peoples lived in New Netherland at that time.
General Pieter Stuyvesant surrendered Fort Amsterdam on September 23, 1664. New Amsterdam and the entire colony were renamed New York, the Fort Amsterdam became FOrt James and Fort Orange became Fort Albany.
1665 - 1667 Second Dutch-British war due to the loss of New Netherland.
1667 With the Treaty of Breda the Dutch abandoned their claim to New Amsterdam in exchange for Surinam (in the north of Brazil).
1673 600 Dutch soldiers under Captain Anthony Colve attached Fort James. The Fort falled on August 9th, 1673. The Dutch had retaken New York and gained control of Albany and New Jersey. They named that area New Orange.
1674 Februar 9th, the Treaty of Westminster ended the conflict between the Dutch and the British and restored all lands to the British. The Dutch left on November 10, 1674.