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Wages in Colonial America

Soldier performing work within the local economie got less than 1 shilling/month. Typical 2, 3 or 6 pences in coinage of neary any nation (Spanish, Dutch, French...)

Judges were paid by a percentage on the goods they condemned and by fees.


Virginia fixed the salary for the clergy at 1500 lbs. of tobacco and 16 barrels of corn


Deputy Postmasert General got 200/year


Labourer, 6/year
Shoemaker, 8 to 14/year
Armourer, 35/year


The governor of South Carolina received 500/year and 100 for house rent.


The governor of Massachusetts received 1300/year. In 1748 he refused 1900 as this was not equivalent of the 1000 sterling and finaly he got 2400 in colonial currency. The lieutnant governor or the president of the council was paid one half of the salary due to the governor.


Man servant with some abilities got between 16 and 20 Pennsylvania pounds/year and food besides. In the country less
Servantmaid got 8 to 10 Pennsylvania pounds/year, food besides.
Teacher in Virginia 60/year


The governor of New York received 2000


Typical working man got 27/year


Postmaster General $1000/year


Carriers received 2 cents on ecah letter delivered in lieu of salary.