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Postage rates

In April 26, 1699 letter from Andrew Hamilton to "Right Honourable the Lords Com. of his Majesty's Treasury" notes inland postage rates:
-   6d Where the distance from New Yorke to Boston is within 80 miles the postage
-   9d Where the distance exceed 80 miles and within 150 miles
- 12d Postage to and from Boston to New Yorke being 300 miles
- 18d To and from Boston to Jersey 370 miles
- 20d To and from Boston and Philadelphia 390 miles
- 36d To and from Boston to Annapolis in Maryland 550 miles
- 42d To and from Boston and James Towne in Virginia 680 miles
- 24d To and from New Yorke to Annapolis 250 miles
- 30d To and from New Yorke to James Towne 380 miles and many broad and dangerous Bays and Rivers to be Ferryed over

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