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Zorger, Frederick

Name Street Town State From To
Zorger, Frederick   Yorktown Pennsylvania 1776 1799
Zorger, Frederick   Newbury Township, York County Pennsylvania   1815

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Maker of Kentucky style rifles and pistols

Born December 3, 1734 in Leipzig, Germany. He went to York Co., Pennsylvania in the late 1850's. He was a blacksmith.
When he died in May 28, 1815 he was buried in Quickel Cemetery, Conewago Twp., Cork County, Pennsylvania where he lies with his both wifes

Margaret Rathovon whith her he had 5 children
  • Elizabeth, Married with George Gonder
  • Matthias, had a daughter Susanna
  • Frederick
  • Michael, born Mars 2, 1770, died in 1843 at Newberry, York County, Pennsylvania
  • George

  • With his second wife, Marie Elizabeth he had 7 children
  • Lydia
  • Anna
  • Johannes, born 1777, died 1833, married with Eva Myers (John George, born January 26, 1803 and Peter morn January 14, 1805) and Elizabeth Keister ( Adam Henry, born January 30, 1820, died October 17, 1893
  • Michael, July 1822, Jacob, Mars 1828 and Charles, born January 1837, died June 17, 1919)
  • Jacob
  • Barbara
  • Peter, born September 2, 1783, married to Elizabeth Miller (two childen, Henry, born December 26, 1808 and Barnhart, born January 8, 1827, died February 8, 1887
  • Philip, married to Tena

  • ---------------

    WILL: In that name of God, amen, I Frederich Zorger of Newbury Township in the County of York, State of Pennsylvania being week in body but of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding thanks be as God for the same do make & publish this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form as follows (to wit).

    WILL: My will is that all my just debts & funeral expenses be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my demise. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth absolutely two beds with bedding & bedsteads for each and the chest that is called her chest and all that is in it, my clock, all my flax that was raised the last season and all the wool that will be shaved off my sheep this season and privilege to take at the appraisement Household & Kitchen furniture to any amount not exceeding twenty dollars and I further direct that my Executor herein after to be named shall retain in his hands the sum of five hundred pounds to be put in interest and the interest thence arising shall be paid to my said wife during her natural life yearly & if that sum should be found to be insufficient for her comfortable support my said Executor shall retain an additional hundred pounds in his hands as it becomes due from my son Peter Zorger & pay my said wife the interest thereof yearly as aforesaid during her natural life. And whereas there is a legacy or dividend now due to my said wife from her Father's Estate which said legacy or dividend if it came into my hands before I die I direct that that the same on a sum equal thereto shall be retained as in the hands of my Executor to be given to her occasionally as she may stand in need at the discretion of my said Executor and if any part thereof should be unexhausted at her decease it shall be equally divided amongst her children.

    WILL: Item

    WILL: I give and bequeath to my four sons, Matthias, Frederick, Michael and George each the sum of one hundred pounds lawful money of my personnel value including what I have already given to them and kept account thereof and not in addition thereto.

    WILL: Item

    WILL: I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth intermarried with George Gonder the sum of one hundred & twenty-five pounds lawful money aforesaid including what I have already given to her as aforesaid and not in addition thereto.

    WILL: Item

    WILL: I give and bequeath to my daughter Lydia two cows, three sheep, one bed, bedsteads & bedding and ten dollars money of the United States.

    WILL: Item

    WILL: I give & bequeath to my granddaughter Susanna daughter of my son Mathias one bed, bedsteads and bedding, one cow, spinning wheel, one chest and ten Dollars money of the United States.

    WILL: Item

    WILL: All the residue of my Estate as well what will be disposable immediately after my decease as that retained in the hands of my Executor during the life time of my aforesaid wife shall be equally divided between my six following named children (viz) Ann the wife of Michael Row, John Zorger, Jacob Zorger, Barbara the wife of Frederich Shetter, Peter Zorger and Lydia Zorger share and share alike and further having omitted in order to dispose of a house & two lots and a shop & one lot of ground in Strinestown I now dispose of them as follows (to wit) I allow Tena the widow of my son Philip Zorger deceased to have the use of the whole for one year from the date of this my will and the use and sole Occupationpancy of the said shop & one lot of ground so long as she remains the widow of my said son and at the end of one year from this date or as soon after as convenient I direct my Executor to sell my said house & two lots of ground and at the decease or marriage of the aforesaid Tena or as soon after as convenient I also direct my said Executor to sell my said shop & one lot of ground and the money arising whose sales to be divided equally amongst my above named six children (to wit) Ann, John, Jacob, Barbara, Peter, & Lydia share & share alike and I do hereby authorize & empower my Executor hereinafter named to make & execute a Deed or Deeds for the aforesaid House & Shop & lots of ground to the purchaser or purchasers thereof in as free & simple a manner as I myself could do.

    WILL: And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son John Zorger sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

    WILL: In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this tenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight-hundred & fifteen,

    WILL: Signed, sealed published and declared by the aforesaid Frederich Zorger as & for his Last Will & Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence and at the request of the Testator & in the presence of each other, Isaac Kirk, Henry Brenneman

    WILL: York County SS Before me Charles A Barnitz Deputy Register for the probate of wills and granting letters of administration in and for said County personally came & saw Isaac Kirk & Henry Brenneman the subsenting witnesses to the above Instrument of writing and on their solemn affirmation so say respectively that they were present and saw the above named Frederick Zorger sign and seal the above or foregoing Instrument of writing that they heard him publish the same as his last will and testament and that at the time of the doing there of he was of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge & belief and that they subscribed their names thereto as witnesses & in the presence of the Testator and at his request and also in the presence of each other at the same time.

    WILL: Isaac Kirk, Henry Brenneman Affirmed and subscribed before me at York the 7th June A.D. 1815.