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Wurfflein, John

Name Street Town State From To
Wurfflein, John   Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1848 1867

Patent Date Remarks
7,334 April 30, 1850 Method of preventing accidental discharges in the Prussian Gun
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Contract for

Related to William and Andrew Wurfflein.

Maker of persuccion guns, derringers and caps for cannon.
Census of 1860 states he had $6,000 invested in the business and employed 6 hands at a total of $216/month. During the year ending June 1, 1860, he had purchased gun barrels at $1,000, pistol barrels at $1,000 and produced guns and pistols valued at $7,000 as well as other items at 1,200.
.48 caliber Hawken Style rifle, 29" barrel

.58 caliber percussion, heavy bench rifle