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Witte Hardware Company

Name Street Town State From To
Witte Hardware Company 706 North Thirs street St. Louis Missouri 1880 1983

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Established in 1849 under the nabe of Schmieding and Wulfing. Became F.A. Witte and Co in 1874 and finally Witte Hardware Company in 1880.

The Witte IXL Square trade-mark is placed on oly good, honest, riliable hardware and is an indicator to the trade of such merchandise, and the dealer when selling a tool which bears this trade-mark know that the customer will have lasting satisfaction and will never regret having purchased anything that bears this well known mark.

The company also manufactured “hardware store guns” under the Expert, I.X.L. label – which are now highly-sought items by rifle and shotgun collectors. It is reported that Deavenports made shotguns for Witte Hardware Company.

410 gauge, single shot shotgun, marked witte's special was likely made by Iver Johnson for Witte Hardware Coo, St. Louis.