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Withers, Michael

Name Street Town State From To
Withers, Michael   Lancaster Pennsylvania 1774 1805

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Contract for

Born March 4, 1733 died at Lancaster, August 18, 1821

Kentucky Rifles, U.S. Military

On 10 November 1775 the Lancaster Committee of Safety ordered the county's gunsmiths to devote all their efforts in the immediate future to the manufacture of military-style muskets, and to suspend the manufacture of the more difficult to manufacture long rifles. Michael Withers appeared in committee, and agreed to set to work as soon as he hath completed a few guns which lie hath now in hand, and make muskets and bayonets for this county, part of the number required from this county by the honorable House of Assembly, at the Philadelphia prices; that he will confine himself and his workmen to that work and carry on the same as expeditiously as he can, and that he will deliver [them] to the commissioners and assessors of this county or to this committee.