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Wickham, Marine Tyler

Name Street Town State From To
Wickham, Marine Tyler   Emmistburg Maryland 1801  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
Government, July 19, 1822 5000 Model 1821 muskets at $ 12 each
Government, December 6, 1823 10000 Model 1821 muskets at $ 12.25 each
Government, 1826 Navy muskets at $ 14 each

Marine Tyler Wickham was born on January 3, 1780. On March 11, 1799, his mother bound this orphan to John Armstrong to learn the trade of a gunsmith and a locksmith. After completing his training in 1801 he worked in the gunsmith business with a man by the name of Matthews. In the 1800 census there were seven Matthews families in the Emmitsburg area. During 1802 Wickham purchased lot No. 11 in Emmitsburg and the two smiths continues working together. In the summer of 1804 he came to the Harpers Ferry. For additional information see Maryland Longrifles Hartzler/Whisker.