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Whittier, Otis W.

Name Street Town State From To
Whittier, Otis W.   Enfield New Hampshire 1829 1841

Patent Date Remarks
216 May 30, 1837 Improvement in Many-Chambered-Cylinder Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
specification 2nd page

Contract for

6, 9 and 10 shot rifles and 6 shot shotguns in various calibers. Fewer than 100 were made.

Two of them (one 6-shot - half round half octagonal barrel and one 9-shot - full octagonal barrel. The rear trigger was used for cocking and to rotate dhe cylinder by a zig-zag system) were in the William G. Renwick collection

.70 caliber percussion, 6 shot revolving rifle, with zig-zag for rotating the cylinder
(In 1855/1856 Colt experimented with the zig-zag princip on New Model Pocket and Root revolvers and got patent no. 14,905 from May 20th, 1856 but no production was made)

In later years this principe was utilized on Mauser Zig-Zag revolver in 1878
and on the Webley-Fosbery revolver in 1901.