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Wheeler, George

Name Street Town State From To
Wheeler, George   Stevensburg, Culpeper county Virginia 1796 1812

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
Government, October 21, 1808 Wheeler & Morrison contract for 2500 Model 1808 muskets, deliveries within five years.

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WHeeler's letter to A. Blair, Richmond, (March 26, 1799) asking for a contract for 1500 arms, to deliver in twelve month at $13.40 each

Wheeler and John Brant's offer to Maryland to manufacture 4000 arms at $ 17.50 with bayonets at $18 and pistols at $14 per pair for the State of Virginia by June 1, 1802. He asked for an advance of $4000 on December 20. 1800.

In 1801 Wheeler employed six guns stockers, one gun preecher, one polisher, one mounting forger, two fillers and one bayonet maker.

On October 14, 1801 Thomas Patton, Edward Pendleton and Thomas John Strode certified having inspected 313 bun barrels at Wheeler's shop. Two days later John Clarke and Alex Quarrier reported to the Governor having inspected 250 muskets, bayonets received from Wheeler. They said that the work was roughly executed but better that those made earlier by Wheeler.

Only 125 guns of the Wheeler & Morrison contract were deliverd prior to October 7, 1812