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Wheeler, Artemus or Artemas

Name Street Town State From To
Wheeler, Artemus or Artemas   Concord Massachusetts 1820s  

Patent Date Remarks
? June 10th, 1818 Gun, Rifle, etc to discharge seven or more times
Elisha Haydon Collier gots an british patent for almost the same gun. Collier and Wheeler were associated.
? February 19th, 1819 Rifle or Plain barrel gun

Contract for

See Artemus Wheeler

Three forms of the Wheeler flintlocks are known:
a pepperbox,
a musket and
a rifle.

All are hand revolved, but the locking catches are slightly different. The pepperbox and the rifle cylinders are held in place by a spring resting in the ratchet at the rear of the cylinder, white the musket has a manual catch inside the trigger guard acting in similar notches.

.51 caliber, 7 shot, flintlock revolving rifle. One central barrel and 6 barrels around. Captain Artemus Wheeler was only holder of the patent. The manufacturer of this rifles is unknown but was probably William Bishop, Boston. In 1821 the US-Navy aquired 4 of this guns for examinations.


.51 caliber revolving carbine

Collier himselfs established in London and created the Cylinder Gun Manufacturer. He produces between 200 and 300 of this revolving guns. Also in 1818 Cornelius Coolidge, an compatriot of Collier gots a French patent for this kind of firearms.