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Western Gun Works

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Western Gun Works   Chicago Illinois end 1880s  

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Contract for

In old records it is said that they made the Tramp's Terror .22 revolver. Effectively in old advertisement the Tramp's Terror was offered at $3 with a "Western Gun Works Premium Certificate". I don't know whether this company really existed or who was behind. However, in the New York Times of December 31, 1876 they complained

To the Editor of the New-York Times:
Your editorial about our receiving money and not sending goods does us a great deal of harm and is most unjust. We refer to all express companies here, and ex-Mayor Colvin, Chief Police, editor Inter-Ocean, and every business firm in the city. We are preparing a statement of facts for you. Meanwhile be kind enough to publish that we offer $50 reward for every person who can show that we received money and did not send goods. We claim to hold express companies receipt for packages in every case or forfeit $50. The National Bank of Illinois, this city, is our refernce as to our paying the $50 of case is established. THis xxrely (unlisible) is business.
Chicago, Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1876.