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Wesson, Edwin

Name Street Town State From To
Wesson, Edwin   Northborough Massachusetts 1845 1848
Wesson, Edwin   Hartford Massachusetts 1849 1850

Patent Date Remarks
5,146 June 5, 1847 Inprovement in Fire-Arms (Magazine Fire-Arm)
Patent drawing
Specification 2nd page
6,669 August 28, 1849 Method of Connecting the Hammer with the Cylinder of a Revolving Fire-Arm
Patent drawing
Specification 2nd page

Contract for

Brother of Daniel B. Wesson

Manufactured Daniel Leavitt revolvers

The revolver production of Edwin Wesson, Wesson Stevens & Miller and of Massachusetts Arms Co. were based on Wesson's patent 6,669 as well as that of D. Leavitt. After E. Wesson's dead in 1849 Thomas Warner continued the production.

.45 caliber percussion revolver, 7" barrel