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Waters, A.

Name Street Town State From To
Waters, A.   Milbury Massachusetts 1830 1850

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

.69 caliber, flintlock,Musket, 42" round barrel, marked US/A.WATERS and MILLBURY/1833 this gun has been converted to percussion.

right side

.54 caliber, flintlock, U.S. Pistokl, Model 1836 .54 caliber, 8 7/16" barrel
left side right side

The Asa Waters Flintlock Pistol was the last of the U.S. martial flintlock pistols. Of the 41,000 made, the majority were converted to percussion in the 1850's. These conversions
1842 conversion, left side 1842 conversion, right side
were stocked in both U.S. and State arsenals at the outbreak of the Civil War and many were liberated by the Confederacy from the southern U.S. arsenals. In the opening months of the war, these pistols were issued as conditions dictated by both sides. It is suspected that some of them spent the war in the stocks of both Union and Confederate navy ships. After all, they made excellent 'boarding" pistols as you could load them with anything including nails!