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A.H. Waters & Co.

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A.H. Waters & Co.   Milbury Massachusetts 1845 and
1860 to 1870

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See also A.H. Waters

In 1845 a government order supendet the operation of private armories.
Therefore the company was left idle for about 15 years except for a brief rental
to Col. J.D. Green, who made patent rifles for the Russian government.

When the Civil War broke out, the government requested that Col. Waters reopen the
armory. He hesitated at first, but recalling his father's gun making in 1812, his
grandfather Asa I's and great uncle Andrus' gun founding during the American Revolution,
and even his forebear Richard's in Salem in colonial times, he consented. As much of
the gun machinery had functionally depreciated during the idle years, the company
produced parts only, supplying the government with rods and bayonets. The armory ran
day and night during the war, employing at times 200 people.

In business until 1870

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