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Warner, Thomas

Name Street Town State From To
Warner, Thomas   Springfield Massachusetts 1833 1839
Warner, Thomas   Chicopee Massachusetts 1853  

Patent Date Remarks
9,999 September 6, 1853 Improved Process for Making Twisted Gun-Barrels
Specification without patent drawing

Contract for

Born June 12, 1793, died February 11 1885, brother of James Warner.

Joind the Springfield Armory in 1814 and became the Master Armorer of Sprinfields Armory in the 1830s

In the 1840 he became superintendent for Eli Whitney, New Haven, Connecticut where he prepared the production of the 1841 model rifle.

Associate of Edwin Wesson about 1848/1849. See also Warner & Wesson and Wesson & Leavitt

He was hired as factory superintendent for the Massachusetts Arms Company (1849) where he stayed until 1860.

Mark TW (Thomas Warner) found on R. Johnson Pistols and Waters .69 caliber Flintlock Muskets.