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Vogler, Christoph

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Vogler, Christoph   Salem North Carolina 1765 1827

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Contract for

Born September 28, 1765, arrived in Salem from Friedland in August 1774. On September 1, 1784 Jacob Loesch agreed to
"take Christoph Vogler as Apprentice to learn the trade of Gunsmith. During the time he is on trial he will give him thirteen shillings each week; by the end of that time he can tell better how much he should be paid and for how long a time he should be bound."

The Moravian Salem Diary, under date of May 8, 1787 states:
"The gunsmith finds it troublesome to take his guns to the assigned place to test them, and Christoph Vogler asks for another place. We think the best place will be on the Single Brothers lot, beyond the run near Martin Lick's fence."
The minutes of the Salem Board for 1796 contain the following:
"Christoph Vogler believes that at a small cost he can arrange an attachment to the Groats-mill of the Single Brethren, by which he can bore gun barrels. There is no objection."
The minutes of July 17. 1898 state:
"Christop Vogler has a prospect of large manufacturing as we could not agree that a large number of outsiders come to him to work."

Christoph was uncle and mentor to John and George Vogler, and father of John. He died December 9,1827