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Vincent, John

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Vincent, John   Barlow Township, Washington County Ohio 1809 /td> 1882

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Born August 28, 1809, Vincent, a cabinetmaker by trade, studied gunsmithing with Aman Ford. He established for himself and made his first riftel in 1844. His daybook dindicates he made 111 rifles to order turing the period June, 1849 to July, 1859, in addition to 86 made for stock.

The census of 1860 states he had $500 invested in the business and empolyed two hands at $35 each per month. During the year ending June 1, 1860, he purchased iron, steel, and brass at $100 and produced 50 guns valued at $800.
The census of 1870 lists John Vincent & Son, Vincent, Washington County, Ohio, Gun Makers. It states they had $300 invested in the business and employed two hands. During the year ending June 1, 1870, 4 dozen mountings at $24, 48 gunlocks at $48 and steel, iron etc., at $80. Anual product 48 guns valkued at $ 885, miscellaneous articles and repairs at $170.

John died September 17, 1882 and was succeeded by his son John Caleb Vincent. Made both percussion muzzle-loaders and cartridge breech-loading rifles.