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Vaughn, Aaron C.

Name Street Town State From To
Vaughn, Aaron C.   Bedford Pennsylvania 1860s  

Patent Date Remarks
35,404 May 27, 1862 Revolving Fire-arm
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Vaughn's patent covered a revolver having two barrels (bored in a single block) and a cylinder containing two concentric rows of chambers. The outer row of chambers fired through the right barrel and the lower row fired through the left barrel.

Two hammers were used, and one trigger. The single trigger did not have a positive stop to prevent both chambers from being fired at once. The left hammer had an excessively long sear notch, requiring the trigger to be pulled a considerable distance before the hammer could fall. The right hammer had a normal sear notch and would fall with a very short trigger pull. This trigger-hammer arrangement was an infringement of Walch's patent (22,905, February 6, 1859), which may account for the lack of production of the Vaughn.

Both the patent model and the "production" model were 14 shot, .27 caliber, single action revolvers with 5 " barrels, rifled with 8 grooves. There were minor differences between patent and production models.

Very view revolvers are known. The highest number is 16.