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Van Der Poel, Melgert Wynatse

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Van Der Poel, Melgert Wynatse   Albany New York 1646 1710

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Melgert Wynantse Van Derpoel, born December 02, 1646 worked as a young man in his father's sawmill in Albany, New York. He became a gunstocker, by trade. He was also "an assistant" under the first charter of the City of Albany, given by Governor Gongan, July 22, 1686 and he also was a member of the Governor's Council.

An account from the Vanderpool Newsletter states he eventually bought his own sawmill on Bever Creek. Another account, states that his father, Wynant Gerritse sold his sawmill at "Wynants Kill" and gave half interest to Melgert ( perhaps for wages earned working, there). The other half of the mill was sold to Abraham Isaacks. This was the father-in-law of Melgert Wynantse, Abram Isaack Ver Plank. Melgert perhaps bought the other half, at a later date.

An account states that on March 31, 1679, Melgert Wynantse bought a house from his father, "free of any encumberance due to wages earned working for his father". This house was purchased before his marriage and like his fathers, fronted the Fort on the south side of State Street. Also like his father, he made numerous other, real estate investments, purchasing several lots in the then growing city of Albany, New York. When Wynant first took up residence there, Albany was but a trading post called Fort Orange.

Melgert was reportedly a leader in the Dutch Reformed Church in Albany. In 1693, he received a deed from the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church conveying rights to a water run and saw mill, two acres and assuring to him rights against a mill above him.

In his father's will, "proved" April 17, 1702 he left Melgert only six shilings, perhaps due to his previously haven given him the half interest in the sawmill. Wynant Gerritse left the remaining estate to the husband of daughter, Catryn Van Den Burgh. (See notes on Wynant Gerritse).

Source of the following information: Hudson-Mohawk Family Memoirs, Vol. II, Hudson-Mohawk Family Histories, Page 715, also Vol. I, Page 252 and Early New York Families, page 324-325 also Southern New York , page 170-171 and 743

Melgert Wygantse, son of Wynant Gerritse and Tryntje (Melgers) Van Derpool, was a gunsmith and lived in Albany. Not infrequently he wrote his name Melchert, for so it appears on some of the records. His house and his father's fronted the fort in 1675, probably on the south side of State Street which was a principal thoroughfare where most of the early houses of leading residents were built. He was not living September 19, 1700. He married (first) Arriantje Verplanck, daughter of Abraham Isaacse and Maria (Vigne) VerPlanck, by whom he had eight children; (second) Elizabeth Teller, daughter of William Sr. and Margaret (Donchesen) Teller, by whom he had two children. Elizabeth was also a widow of Abraham Van Tricht, June 29, 1692. By her first husband she had several children as shown in her will that was made February 19, 1720 ( She died that year);
1.Margaret, married Volckert Douw
2. Maria, married John Vinhagen
3. Magdalena, married Abraham Lansing,
4. Helena. Children of Melgert and and Ariaantje:
1. Melgert who married Catherine Van Alen May 17, 1696
2. Maria
3. Trinke
4. Abraham, married Antje Van den Bergh January 3, 1713
5. Wynant, baptized October 14, 1683, married Catherina DeHoogen (DeHooges) August 17, 1706
6. Gelyn, baptized May 17, 1685
7. Jacobus (James), born March 9, 1687
8. Henderick, baptized June 2, 1689. Children of Melgert and Elizabeth
9. Wilhelm, born March 19, 1693
10. Ariaantje, born and baptized November 17, 1695.