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Valley Forge

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Valley Forge   Located at the confluence of East Valley Creek and the Schuylkill, Chester County Pennsylvania 1740 today

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
Government contract of Alexander McRae, overtaken on March 21, 1821 10,000 muskets
Government January 1, 1825 5,000 Model 1821 muskets

also called Mount Joy Forge.

Possibly earlier to 1740 as a forge for bar iron active. Purchased by Steven Evans, Daniel Welker and Joseph Williams in 1742.

The forge was subsequently destroyed be the British in 1777. Following the Revolution, and Davis Potts erected another forge on the Montgomery County side of Valley Creek, about one-half mile below ofh the old forge. In June 1777 the Committoo of Safety at Philadelphia complimented Potts & Rutter upon their success in casting iron cannon.

Isaac Potter and his son James operated the forge in 1786.

In 1814 John Rogers secured the property, which was in ruins in 1816 (Swank - History of Iron and Steel, Philadelphia 1900)-

On March 21, 1821, Rogers in association with Brooke Evans tock over the Government contract of Alexander McRae of Richmond, Virginia. This contract covered 10,000 muskets, complete, at $14 per stand. Necessary repairs of the forge were made and by December 31, 1823 5,730 stands had delivered.

January 1, 1825 John Rogers secured a second contract for 5,000 Model 1821 muskets at $12.25 each.

As of 1825 the owners of Valley Forge likely changed to Evans. Model 1826 pistols are found marked "W. L. Evans, V. Forge, 1831 USN" and Model 1821 muskets marked "W. L. Evans, V. Forge" in 1839.

In 1843 the forge was almost completely destroyed. The property deseended to a nephew, Charles H. Rogers, then to other descendants until it was acquired by the state of Pennsylvania. It is now state park.