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U.S. Arms Co. (brand)

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U.S. Arms Co. (brand)       1890  

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When the U. S. Arms Co. did no longer existed their name was used as a brand of Crescent Fire Arms Co, Norwalk, Connecticut and of H. & D. Folsom Arms Co. New York.

Crescent manufactured shotguns on its own. However, H. & D. Folsom was an importer and distibuter. Many shotguns were imported from Belgium. In that case an ELG mark with or without a crown is stamped on the barrel.

12 gauge shotgun, single shot with serial number 232425, thanks to Dave Ceratti for the pictures.

left side
right side
barrel opened for loading

12 gauge, 30" double Damascus barrels, back-action lock, hard rubber butt plate with ornate carved dog and hanging game scene