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Tyler Rifle Works

Name Street Town State From To
Tyler Rifle Works Southwest corner of Vienna Center Vienna township, Trumbull County Ohio 1852 1864
Tyler Rifle Works   Warren, Trumbull County Ohio 1864 1891

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Nathan B. Tyler's plant.

Produced rifles, shotguns, pistols, hunting knives and gun barrels.

Advertisement in Western Reserve Chronicle, December 7, 1864:
"Tyler's Rifle Works
Established in 1852, at
Vienna, trumbull Co. O.,
Is still in full blast, and is turning out
Rifles, Shot guns and Sporting Aparatus, in any quantity, to suit customers. A large stock on hand to select from. Single or Double Guns, made to order. Repairing neatly done, at prices to suit the time.
All work left for repairs, whether checked or not, unless paid in advance, must be called for within 30 days from the time left, or will be sold to pay charges.
N.B. Tyler