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Tucker, Sherrard & Company

Name Street Town State From To
Tucker, Sherrard & Company   Lancaster, Dallas County Texas 1862 1864

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
State of Texas, April 11, 1862 1,500 .36 caliber and 1,500 .41 caliber revolvers at $40 each. However, the contact was cancelled before production started

J.H. Sherrard was engaged in Tucker, Sherrard & Company, Sherrard, Tailor & Co and Clark, Sherrard & Co.

By the September 1862, Labon Tucker had withdrawn from the company and it became Taylor, Sherrard & Co. It seems that the first company made no revolvers and only a few were completed by the second. A large amount of unfinished parts were left over from the operations of these two companies and these parts were taken over by Clark, Sherrard & Co. This last company managed to finish about 400 revolvers after the Civil War.

.44 caliber percussion revolver DRAGOON, 7 " round barrel, 6-shot cylinder. Approximately 400 produced and sold to individuals
right side

.44 caliber percussion, number 81 with low rise hammer, captured at Gettysburg. One cylinder is blown out. There are 5 known revolvers that have a low rise hammer all of them are in the 50 serial number. This revolver with number 81 ist the only one with low rise hammer an a higher serial number.
right side
cylinder left, right and number on ramrod
low rise hammer
some details
cylinder blown out left side