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Tryon, Edward K.

Name Street Town State From To
Tryon, Edward K. 6th Ward   Pennsylvania 1837 1864

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Eward K. Tryon was the eldest son of George W. Tryon.

Purchases about 4000 Northwest Guns (Indian Trade Guns) of the Office of Indian Trade
Northwest Guns, 30" barrel
Northwest Guns, 36" barrel

During 1846 - 1847 there were open purchases of Northwest Guns and Rifles of the Office of Indian Trade for $2926.00 and $3967.50

In 1851, 47 Northwest guns with 30" barrel and 3 with 36" barrel were ordered. Of further 50 guns no name is recorded but probably also E.K. Tryon. These 100 guns were paid $6.00 each.

Most of the Northwest guns were manufactured by English manufacturers in Birmingham (from about 1730 to 1800) and London (about 1750 to 1860), by Belgium manufactuers and in the 1680 to 1730 by French manufacturers.

According to the census of 1860, he had $25,000 invested in the business and employed 25 hands at a total of $800/month. During the year ending June 1, 1860, he purchased raw materials in the amount of $8,000 and produced 1,800 guns valued at $25,000.