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Tryon Brothers & Co.

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Tryon Brothers & Co.   Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1860s  

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As late as 1867, Tryon Brothers & Co., described their "Superior Darringer Pattern Pistol" with the statement, "Each pair is accompanied with a Bullet Mould for slug and round bullets, a Loading and CLeaning Rod, Powder Flask and Covers, and contained in a neat paper box."

Derringer-style single shot percussion pistol, round barrel, bird-head grips, sold in pairs at $25.

Union Metallic Cartridge Co made for Tryon Brothers & Co. a box and cartridges in .22 short pistol caliber to use in the Rupertus pistol. The Pepperbox pistols were made in the Tryon plant under supervision of Jakob Rupertus, Philadelphia in 1864-1865. The box is two-piece half-split construction.