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Trumbull, David

Name Street Town State From To
Trumbull, David   Lebanon Connecticut 1775 1778

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Gunsmith of a Committee of Safety.

On February 16, 1776, 150 pounds was ordered paid "towards his charges for repairing guns sent from Crown Point."

On March 22, 1776, he was ordered, as soon as possible, to send all the Colony arms to J. Huntington in Norwich.

On July 14, 1777, he was appointed "to receive the old fire arms brought from Albany, and to have them appraised, to examine them, and repair all that are worthrepairing, at the expense of the State, as soon as might be."

On July 29, 1777, he "was directed to send two teams to East Hartford to bring to Lebanon, and to remain under his care, 500 stand of arms or one-half of the arms received lately from Springfield."