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Triplett and Scott

Name Street Town State From To
Triplett and Scott       1864 1864

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
State of Kentucky, to arm 5,000 Home Guard troops mustered into service to protect the supply lines of the Union Army under Gen. Wm. T. Sherman, then engaged in the Atlanta Campaign. They were received too late for service in the Civil War. 5,000 Triplett & Scotts, executed January 2, 1865

See Meridan Manufacturing Company

.50 caliber repeating carbine, 22" round barrel, 7-shot magazine, production about 3000

.50 carbine, 22" barrel, right side

.50 caliber repeating carbine, 30" round barrel, 7-shot magazine. production about 2000

.50 carbine, 30" barrel, left side
.50 carbine, 30" barrel, right side

The carbine was stamped on its tang "Triplett & Scott/Patent Dec.6, 1864" (Louis Triplett patent) Approximately 5,000 over-all production