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Tomlinson, Joshua

Name Street Town State From To
Tomlinson, Joshua   Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1775 1777

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Recommended by the gunsmith, John Nicholson, as the "proper man to be charged with a Mill for boaring and grinding barrels" in his plan for a public gun factory, June 4, 1776.

Pennsylvania Gazette, June 26, 1776
"Wanted Immediately. Two or three good Hands, that understand welding Gun-Barrels; or good smith, inclined to be instructed in the said business. Any such Persons may meet with good encouragement by applying to Joshua Tomlinson, at the Gulph Mill, near Lancaster Road, 14 miles from Philadelphia. For particulars apply to John Nicholson, Gunsmith, near the Drawbridge, Phila. N.B. An apprentice, not under 14 years of age, is wanted to learn the welding, borind and grinding of Gun-barrels. Apply as above."

Already ten month later in 1777 Tomlinson died, and the idea of utilizing the Gulph Mill site was definitely abandoned.