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Tinsley, John

Name Street Town State From To
Tinsley, John   Goochland county Virginia 1792 1804

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
Federal Government, March, 1794 Pistol holsters and sword belts to be delivered at Philadelphia
Federal Government, May 29, 1797 2,000 cartridge boxes, agreeable to advertisement and sample, to be delivered at 4 shillings 6 pence each. 526 were delivered and received in good order by John Guerrant on March 23, 1799.
State of Virginia in 1804 Pistol holsters and sword belts

Tinsley proposed cartridge boxes at $1 each for twenty-nine holes or at 96cents each for twenty-four holes on March 1, 1797. The contract was agreed on May 1797.

R. Quarles reports to the Governor, from Point of Fork Arsenal, that he had delivered to Capt. J. Tinsley, Fluvanna County, 50 stands of arms, July 1, 1798.

On October 21, 1801, General John Guerrant, Jr., certifies "that he has inspected 1,093 muskets manufactured for the state by Major John Tinsley and that they are all well executed".

On April 14, 1804, Tinsley submitted a proposal of making pistol holsters and sword belts for the state of Virginia.202 pair of holsters and 203 sword belts were delivered on the contract with the State of Virginia and received by John Clarks and Ales Quarrier, who wrote the GOvernor, under date of July 14, 1804, that the condition of the leather was not satisfactory. However, the entire lot was subsequently accepted.