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Stevens, Joshua

Name Street Town State From To
Stevens, Joshua   Chicopee Fals Massachusetts 1814 1907

Patent Date Remarks
7,802 November 26, 1850 Improvement in the Locking Apparatus of Repeating Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
Specifiaction 1st page
Specification 2nd page
8,412 October 7, 1851 Patent drawing
Patent drawing, page 2
9,929 August 9, 1853 Patent drawing
12,189 January 2, 1855 Patent drawing
44,123 September 6, 1864 Breech-Loading Fire-Arm
Patent drawing
Specification 1st page Specification 2nd page

Contract for

See Steven, J. Arms & Tool Co.

Joshua Steven, born in Chester, Massachusetts in 1814. Apprentices as a machinist in 1834. Around 1838 he was engaged by gunmaker Cyrus B. Allen, Springfield, Massachusetts. Later he became a Colt employee in his Hartford, Connecticut plant. Stevens worked on improvements of the Colt guns without Colt's improvement. In concequence he was fired.

A little late Stevens was engaged by Edwin Wesson to work on a revolver design. However, Wesson died unsexpectedly. Stevens continued to work on these revolvers and obtained patents, when working for the Massachusetts Arms Company until 1864. The Massachusetts Arms Company commercialised revolvers of the Edwin Wesson design but without acknowledge the Stevens name.

Colt realised a patent infringement which let to a payment to Colt of US$ 15.000.

In 1864 Stevens created his own J. Stevens & Co. company composed of Joshua Steven, James E. Taylor and William B. Fay. They manufactured tip-up rifles based on Steven's patend no. 44.123. This patent was the basis for almost all of the Stevens guns.

In 1888 the company's name altered to J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.