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Steel, James

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Steel, James   Catham County North Carolina   1792

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Gunsmith, wanted for murder in 1792 (Pennsylvania Gazette, June 13, 1792)

"We hear from Catham county, North-Carolina, that on the 9th day of July last a Mr. Thomas Creighton was murdered by a certain James Steel, a black-smith and gun-smith by trade, a strong lusty man, dark complexion, with a mark or scar on or near his mouth, occasioned by a stroke of a gun which he received when he committed the murder. He was taken into custody, but, by some means or other made his escape, and it is conjectured that he and his family are removed into Pennsylvania. There is 50 . reward advertised for apprehending said Steel, by the Coroner of the county of Catham."