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Stafford, T.J.

Name Street Town State From To
Stafford, T.J.   New Haven Connecticut 1860 1865

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

The Stafford guns are based on N.L. Babcock's patent no 27,509. It is believed, that the Stafford pistols were made by J.H. Merrill

.22 caliber single shot pocket pistol, rose but grip, 3,5" barrel, rosewood or walnut grips, square but, somes engraved, approximately 2,100 made, marked T.J. STAFFORD NEW HAVEN, CT. on the top of the barrel and up to approximately 300 "Patent Applied For" on the buttom of the but or "Patented/march 19.1860" for the later production,

left side right side

"standard" engraved Stafford, left side

20 pistols are known graved from the same hand as the standard Henry rifle factory engraving. I've seen prices for such guns from $ 3500 to $5000.

Henry rifle factory engraved Stattord, left side Henry rifle factory engraved Stattord,right side

very view pistols were .38 caliber and 6,5" heavier barrel