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Spies, Adam W.

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Spies, Adam W.   New York City New York    

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Born 1783 died about 1870

Adam W. Spies & Co, importers of military goods about 1830 maybe earliers, originally from Birmingam established offices in New York and became spezialized in firearms about 1850 or earlier.

He is considered as Maker of Deringer-Style Pocket Pistols. But as he already did on flintlock guns, pepperboxes and shotguns of other manufacturers as Allen or Miller, J. & J. it is most likely that he stamped them with his name.

A partnership was made with Frederick Kissam about 1867. Spies, Kissam & Company figured until 1875 in the Trow's New York City Directory.

In his early years his signature figuers on swords and military buttons.

In 1864 Adam W. Spies figured as manager of Demilt Dispensary, Incorporated in March 1851. And (when?) he was president of the Stuyvesant Insurance Company. Furthermore he was member of the NY Fire Departement Engine Company No. 5.

Blunderbusses, Muskets and Pistols marked A.w. Apies are stipulated in the Reilly Papers, Inventory of the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collecions, Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Allen manufactured pepperbox marked A.W. Spies and Allen's Patent