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Spencer Repeating Rifle Company

Name Street Town State From To
Spencer Repeating Rifle Company Tremont Street Boston Massachusetts 1862 1868

Patent Date Remarks
27,393 March 6th, 1860 Reissued Mai 1, 1866
Patent drawing
Repeating firearm, rotating block and a buttstock magazine
58,737 October 9th, 1866 Patent drawing
for cartridge guide
58,738 October 9th, 1866 Patent drawing
Patent drawing, page 2
for Spencer cut-off

Contract for
December 26th, 1861 Ordnance Department, 7502 Army Rifles
Mai 1863 State of Massachusetts, 2,000 Spencer Rifles
September 28th, 1863 The contract of the State of Massachusetts turned over to the Ordnance Departement. 2,000 Spencer Rifles
October 3rd, 1863 Army Ordnance Department, 7,000 Spencer Carbines
December 17th, 1863 Ordnance Department, 34,500 Spencer Carbines
May 5th, 1864 State of Massachusetts, 1,176 Spencer Carbines
May 7th, 1864 State of Massachusetts, 1,868 Spencer Rifles

Foundet by Christopher Miner Spencer

.38 long rimfire caliber, 9 shot magazineloader rifle, manufactured in 1860

.44 long rimfire caliber, 7 shot magazineloader carbine, manufactured in 1860

Model 1860 Spencer Navy Rifle, .56-56 Spencer caliber, 7 shot magazineloader Navy Rifle, manufactured from 1861 to 1863, serial number 1 to 1,000

Model 1860 Spencer Army Rifle, .56-56 Spencer caliber, 7 shot magazinloader, manufactured in 1863 and 1864, production was 11,471 for the U.S. Army and about 200 for the U.S. Navy, serial number 1,001 to 11,000 and in 22,000 to 24,000

Model 1860 Spencer Carbine, .56-56 Spencer caliber, 7 shot magazinloader, manufactured from 1863 to 1865, serial number 11,001 to 62,000, the U.S. Army received 45,733 arms

right side, 22" barrel,

Model 1865 Spencer Carbine, .50 carbine caliber (this is the .56-50 Spencer), 7 shot magazinloader, manufactured from 1865 to 1866, serial number 1 to 24,000

left side right side

Model 1865 Spencer Rifle, .50 carbine caliber (this is the .56-50 Spencer), 7 shot magazinloader, manufactured from 1865 to 1866, same serial number range as the 1865 Spencer Carbines
left side right side

Burnside Model 1865 Spencer Carbines, .50 carbine caliber (.56-50 Spencer), 7 shot magazinloader, manufactured in 1865, serial number 1 to 34,500
left side right side

Spencer Sporting Rifle, .56-46 Spencer, 7 shot magazineloader rifle, manufactured from 1864 to 1868, serial number in the same range as Model 1860 Spencer Rifles od Carbines

Following Photo's & information supplied by Michael Semendinger, Lindenhurst, New York.
left side
right side
right side closer look
right side from behind
markings on system
closer look on markings
system open from left side
system open closer look
Barrel length from muzzel to reciever is 24 inches.
Barrel length from the muzzel to the breech( where the rim of the shell casing sits) is 25 1/2 inches.
Note: No Serial Number.
Note: only the reciever is blued & it looks original.
Forearm is attached by 2 screws on the bottom and has pweter tip.
Gun has special walnut stock.
Mike, I thank you very much.

In mid-1868 the company ceased any operation. In December 1868, the Spencer Repeating Rifle Company was sold to the Fogarty Repeating Rifle Company.