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Smith, Gilbert

Name Street Town State From To
Smith, Gilbert   Buttermilk Falls New York 1857  

Patent Date Remarks
17,644 June 23, 1857 Breech-Loading Fire-Arm
Patent drawing
Patent drawing 2nd page
Specification 2nd page
Specification 3rd page
17,702 June 30, 1857 Cartridge
Patent drawing
Specification 2nd page

Contract for

Over 30,000 Smith Carbines were produced. Without manufactur facilities Smith's Carbines were produced by the Massachusetts Arms Co. and the American Machine Works of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. Military sales were handled by Poultney & Trimble, Baltimore. It is reported that Smith sold his patent to Poultney & Trimble in or about 1860.

Civilian were sold by Schulyer, Hartley & Graham, New York City. They also sold the unique ammunition for the gun.

.50 caliber combustible cartridge with caplock, Smith carbine, 21 5/8" round barrel, single shot, largely used by the Northern cavalry during the Civil War.

right side
Early production with sling swivel, right side