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Shuler, John

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Shuler   Liverpool Pennsylvania 1800s  

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The Shuler Family was one of the fines gunmakers. Theire guns were stamped SHULER and LIVERPOOL. Their guns are recognizable from the unique engravings applied.

Most popular of Shuler guns were the flintlock and the double barrel swivel gun.
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John Shuler Sr. was the first gun-maker in the family. His three sons, John Shuler Jr., Samuel Shuler and Joseph Shuler continued gun-smithing. Later followed John Ramsey Shuler and Caleb W. Shuler.

The most of the Shuler guns were made by John Jr.

It is said that John Bridger owned Shuler rifles and that Shuler's were used in Indian wars in Californy by the Modos Indian tribe.