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Short, J.C.

Name Street Town State From To
Short, J.C.   Tyler Texas 1861  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

J. C. Short

Would respectfully return his thanks to the public for their liberal patronage heretofore extended to him, and inform the Southern people that he is still manufacturing some of those fine Kentucky Rifles, warranted to kill an
Abolitionist 400 Yards!
He also manufactures Superior Double Barrel Rifles and Shot Guns, and has just opened a fine lot of Colt's Repeating Pistols, English Repeaters, Derringer Pistols, and a variety of single Pistols, Bowie Knives, Shot Bags, Powder Flasks, Game Bags, Patent Wadding, Dram Bottles, &c. Also keeps on hand a good lot of double and single Shot Guns.

A fine lot of Caps, Powder and Lead, and every thing usually kept in the Gun Maker's line, all of which will be sold to suit the hard times.

Repairing, of all kinds in the Gun line, attended to with neatness and dispatch, and all work warranted. Shop on the East side of the Square in Tyler, Texas.

Advertisement in TYLER REPORTER, April 11, 1861