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Short and Biscoe

Name Street Town State From To
Short and Biscoe   Tyler Texas 1862 1864

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
State of Texas 5000 rifles

This C.S.A. Ordnance plant was founded in 1862 by J.C. Short, William. S. N. Biscoe and Col. George Yarbrough. After difficulties to obtain men and material the plant was sold in October 1863 to the Confederate Government. Yarbrough left but Short and Biscoe stayed in the factory to continue making weapons.

See also Tyler Ordnance Works.

.54 caliber Hill rifles, short and long patern, marked HILL RIFLE TYLER C.S.
short and long Texas rifles
Austrian pattern guns
Enfield guns
Tyler rifles, 27" to 37 1/2" barrels

In the first quarter of 1864 this plant produced 394156 cartridges, 411 rifles and 3531 canteens. They repared 160 guns.

This company expanded into the Confederate States Ordnance Work, Tyler and manufactured about 2233 rifles and repaired many other guns.

Confederate Congress report of August 18, 1863 stated that the month production of guns of their 4 gun factories was bout 800

These are
Billup and Hassell, Pentitude
Whitescarver and Campbell, Rusk
N.B. Tanner, Bastrop
Short and Biscoe, Tyler