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Schweitzer, Abraham

Name Street Town State From To
Schweitzer, Abraham   Lancaster Pennsylvania 1794  
Schweitzer, Abraham   Chambersburg, Franklin County Pennsylvania 1805 1831

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
US Government Flintlock pistols

Born 1769 died 1831

Abraham Schweitzer of the Chambersburg School learned the gunsmithing trade in Lancaster, PA, in the late 1780's, established as a gunsmith in Chambersburg Franklin County, PA, in 1805.

ABRAHAM SCHWEITZER, Franklin County Gunsmith. The earliest note of Abraham Schweitzer appears in the 1794 General Hand Report of gunsmiths of Lancaster Couinty that produced (12 ?) rifles for the Continel Army. He was 25 years of age at this report.

Maker of Kentucky style rifles and pistols

.54 caliber flintlock, 9" brass cannon barrel, marked SCHWEITZER on the lock, manufactured from 1795 to 1798

.54 caliber flintlock, Kentucky Rifle, 44 1/4" octagon barrel, marked A. Schweitzer
picture, right side his name on barrel