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Schoverling and Daly

Name Street Town State From To
Schoverling and Daly Broadway New York City New York 1865 1873

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

The company existed in New york from 1865 to 1939.

They had the Ballard patent rights and arranged with John Malon Marlin to work over the patents and begin production in his plant. The first gun was made in 1875. Until 1891 more than 20 different models of the Ballard single shot rifle were offered.

Trade name:
Charles Daly

Importers and distributors of guns and sporting goods. In 1873 they became Schoverling, Daly and Gale. In 1875 they imported high end side by side shotguns under the name of Charles Daly. These shotguns were mainly European imports from Tolly of England, Newmann of Belgium Schiller and Charles Linder of Prussia and Lefever Arms Co. of New York. Henry Modell bought the company in 1919 and sold it to the Walzer family in the late 1920s.