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Savage, Edward B.

Name Street Town State From To
Savage, Edward B.   Cromwell Connecticut    

Patent Date Remarks
32,003 April 6, 1861 Patent drawing

Contract for

This patent covered an odd looking shoulder stock attachment adapted to the Savage navy revolver. It attached to the gun near the top of the frame and was held by a screw entering through the bottom of the grip. Very few were made.

Edward Savage held a number of firearms and related patents. With the exception of the shoulder stock patent, all of his percussion revolver patents were held in partnership with Henry North. After the deaths of Simeon North in 1852 and James North in 1856, Edward Savage became the sole owner of the old "North Pistol Works."

From 1856 to 1859, he operated his own factory making percussion revolvers under the North, North & Skinner, and North & Savage patents. In 1859, the Savage Revolving Fire Arms Co. was formed to take over the manufacture of the revolvers. Edward Savage was one of the founders of the company and its first president. In 1861, he sold the factory and was replaced as president by Charles Sebor.