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Savage Revolving Firearms Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Savage Revolving Firearms Co.   Middletown Connecticut 1860 1865

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
US government in 1861 5,500 Savage-North .36 caliber revolvers at $20 each
US Navy in 1860 300 Savage-North .36 caliber revolvers at $20 each
US Navy, May 7, 1861 800 Savage-North .36 caliber revolvers at $20 each
300 in May
200 in June
200 in July
100 in September

The Savage-North revolver is a direct descendant of the Savage & North Figure 8 Model Revolver and the Alsop revolver sharing many similarities with both arms. Alsop was also located in Middletown, CT. and three members of the Alsop family served on the Savage Revolving Firearms Company board of directors. Therefore, the relationship between the two companies and the two weapons was more than coincidental.

.36 caliber percussion, 6 shot double action revolver, 6 7/8" octagonal barrel, produced between 1861 and 1865. During the first two years of war the government purchased 11,284 revolvers. Navy issues can be found with anchor stampings and Naval inspector markings. Stamped on the top frame strap in three lines
JANUARY 18 1859 MAY 15 1860
Inspector marks e.g. H likely Benjamin Hannis, Armory Sub Inspector or M or MM likely M. Moulton, Armory Sub Inspector both in 1861

Navy left side
Navy right side

other Navy left side
other Navy right side