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Root, Elisha K.

Name Street Town State From To
Root, Elisha K.   Hartford Connecticut 1855 1865

Patent Date Remarks
13,999 December 25, 1855, reissue 846, November l, 1859 Patent drawing
846 November l, 1859 Patent drawing

Contract for

Root's patent does not cover the mechanism of the Colt Root revolver. That revolver was patented by Samuel Colt. E.K. Root acting only as one of the witnesses.

He was the superintendent of the Colt factory in Hartford from 1849 to 1862. On the death of Colt in January, 1862, Root succeeded to the presidency of Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg. Co., a position he held until his death in 1865.

A certain number of experimental revolvers were made under his patent 13,999 but not real production has been made.