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Rogers, Henry

Name Street Town State From To
Rogers, Henry   Middletown Ohio about 1830  

Patent Date Remarks
  May 7th, 1829 Revolving four barrelled and percussion lock gun

Contract for

His patent was lost in the fire in the Patent Office in 1836. The only information about his invention is found in the Journal of the Franklin Institute (July-December, 1829, page 124)

For a Revolving Four Barrelled Gun, and improved percussion Jock; Henry Rogers, Middletown, Butler County, Ohio, May 7.

The four barrels are formed by boring four holes in a block of brass of about three inches in length, and 2 1/4, inches square, which block is made to revolve upon a center, so that each of its perforations may alternately be brought to coincide with the bore of the main barrel. These perforations form the chambers to contain the charges. A percussion lock is adapted to this gun. The specification does not distinctly state the particular improvements claimed. The revolving barrel itself is not new, but in the way hitherto made has not answered the expectations of the inventor, as it soon gets out of order.

The present patentee states that eight shots can be made in a minute, and that one gun which he bas tried, exceeds his most sanguine anticipations; it is not, however during the honeymoon that the question is to be decided whether aIl will "wear well."

No Roger's gun have been identified.