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Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence

Name Street Town State From To
Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence   Windsor Vermont 1844 1846

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
Federal Government of February 18, 1845 10000 rifles to furnish within 3 years

Former Kendall & Lawrence.

When they got the Government contract the small company did not have the man (only about 25) nor the production capacity. They recuted 125 more skilled workers and constructed a new plant in 1846. Despite of all these problems they managed to fulfill the contract in less than two years.

Became Robbins & Lawrence when Kendall's interest in the firm was purchased by Robbins and Lawrence.


Model 1841 Mississippi Rifles, barrels are marked US over JCB or NWP or JAG over P, two cartouches opposite lock.

.34 caliber percussion, single action rifle, under hammer, 23 1/4" octagonal barrel, marked ROBBINS / KENDALL & / LAWRENCE / WINDSOR Vt./ 1846